Building faith

What does faith in God mean for life here and now? How can you get a familiar bible verse to ignite people again ? How do you involve everyone in a religious conversation based on a specific theme? LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® has a lot to offer your church small group – or any other course .

New insights

As a small group, use your head and your hands to tackle a particular Bible text again in a new way, or, for instance, to discuss a thematic question that is hard to “handle”. By putting your hands to use with LEGO®, you often gain – as confirmed by scientific research – surprising new insights. In addition, a relaxed and open atmosphere is created in which everyone is heard.

Connecting the Bible and faith with daily life

During his research for his theological studies at the Christian University of Applied Sciences Ede, Kaj ten Voorde discovered that LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® really helps people connect the Bible and faith to their day to day lives.

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Try it yourself

Would you like to try out the Making of Meaning in your own church small group? The DIY section of this site contains rules, requirements, various elaborated themes, et cetera. You can use them to get to work immediately, or follow an introductory workshop with Kaj ten Voorde first. All content offered via this route is based on open source material from the LEGO® Group.