Developing identity

What makes you unique as an organization or congregation? The society and the world around you is in a state of constant change. Therefore it is important that you continue to think about where you currently stand and the way in which you relate as an organization or congregation to the context in which you are.

Discover the key elements of your identity in a Making of Meaning workshop, and what they mean for everyday practice. You’ll build LEGO® models, and think with your head and your hands about questions that are important. By participating in a relaxed way, you can achieve depth and meaning together.


The identity you have as a foundation, school or business determines what challenges you take on and in what way. However, the task of explaining exactly what makes you unique often doesn’t prove to be so easy. You can refer to a company document, like a policy plan, but everyday reality usually turns out to be a lot rougher. Our society is changing, the composition of your team may alter … and this is why it’s important to regularly explore those things together that make up the unique identity of your organization.

A pronounced image of identity

In a Making of Meaning -workshop led by Kaj ten Voorde , you will build an image bottom-up  of that which makes your foundation, school or business unique, distinct or beautiful. Together you will listen and look at the different perspectives that everyone has on their own organization. Organically and gradually you form a shared story in which diversity has a place, but in which the organization and its members are also recognizable. The end result of the workshop is a distinct image of the identity of the organization, which – if necessary – facilitates further steps.

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Do you ever wonder – as a pioneer congregation, a missionary project or a local church – what makes you unique? Of course, you live together in faith and aim to stand for something. But do you realize that the identity of your community depends just as much on the people that are involved as on the environment, the city or town in which you are based?

Setting a course

Discover in a Making of Meaning workshop what identity you share as a community – guided by Kaj ten Voorde. This can help you determine a course, develop new initiatives and divest in activities that are not an appropriate fit for your situation. Kaj himself is a core team member in the pioneer congregation Vitamine G in Hilversum (The Netherlands) and knows from experience how important it is for communities  to think about identity.

Shared story

In the workshop you will gradually develop or extend the identity of your congregation. Together you collect the different perspectives and contributions of the participants. From there on you start interactively looking for common and complementary elements that contribute to the identity. Everyone has a chance to speak, and you look for anchor-points for a common story in the often diverse perspectives that are shared.

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