Strengthening teams

As a team, you want to engage in conversation in a safe, relaxed and innovative way.  What’s going well? What could be better? What are your unique talents and abilities? The Making of Meaning -workshop makes your team stronger, no matter if you’ve just formed or have cooperated for a long time. Under guidance of Kaj ten Voorde, you discover everyone’s unique contribution and how you can utilize these individual qualities optimally. But there’s more, you will also develop insights in how to improve collaboration within your team and how to interact better.

Together you will build LEGO® models and use your head and your hands to think about important questions. By engaging through play, you can achieve depth and meaning together, and you will come closer to each other as team members.

Possible questions

Depending on the situation, some example questions during a workshop could be:

  • What does our team – each member individually or together – possess  that can contribute towards a new vision of the organization?
  • What is our added value as a team, how do others see us, and how we can display ourselves more clearly?
  • How can we convert possible frustrations into positive change?

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